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Building a brand for a new gastronomic, cultural and entertainment centric hotspot.

The Manufacture Urbaine (a.k.a. Lamu) is a platform committed to the production and appreciation of high quality food and local produce. They offer a place to meet, to share and to enjoy a moment of conviviality around a good meal. Their fascinating location houses a diverse set of gastronomic and entertainment centric entities: a micro-brewery, a bakery, a bar, a restaurant, as well as a space for exhibitions and concerts. Lamu aims to produce eco-responsible food (such as, beer, bread and coffee), with a well-represented skill-set and know-how.

We collaborated very closely with Lamu to create the entirety of their brand identity. We had the pleasure of building a strong long term relationship and taking ownership of adapting the graphic universe across all of the consumer touch-points. This includes their products, packaging, bottles, communication tools, advertising campaigns and website.

The result is a combination of a strong and contemporary identity that aims to remain timeless. Our mission was to elevate the brand and create a unique universe that stands out in its urban environment. Encompassing the popularity of Lamu and the potential addition of new products, our objective was to find a graphic universe that is adaptable to all types of future usages. A key factor was to develop a thorough brand guideline, to ensure that the graphic identity remained coherent across all aspects of their business.