Elevating Kanal Collectif's Verbal Symphony


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Discover the dynamic realm of Kanal Collectif, where museums transcend traditional boundaries and become catalysts for cultural democracy, diversity, and inclusivity. Picture this: it’s 2021, and museums are breaking free from old molds, embracing cultural democracy, and championing inclusivity. Kanal Collectif is at the forefront of this movement, gearing up for its grand opening in 2024. In the ever-evolving landscape of 2021, Kanal embarks on a transformative journey, extending its reach beyond the confines of its physical walls and embracing a network of cultural and artistic actors.

Unveiling Untold Narratives, Weaving a Communal Tapestry

Driven by a vision of shared knowledge, experiences, sensitivities and emotions, Kanal Collectif sets out to explore, reflect, and create through research, collection, and collaboration. Artists, students, children, and residents  unite in groups, igniting actions within their neighborhoods to unveil lesser-known narratives. The Collective Museum project becomes a conduit for collective and shared writing of the city’s history.

Through workshops, artistic encounters, citizen engagement, temporary exhibitions, and co-creative initiatives, the stories, archives, objects, and testimonies of the canal area inhabitants become the raw material for the next three years. Everyday life, the intimate, and the forgotten are given voice, weaving a new communal narrative.

Elevating Kanal Collectif’s Verbal Symphony

At Stoëmp, we were entrusted with the mission of developing a strategic communication and marketing strategy for Kanal Collectif, anchored in a compelling verbal identity. We embarked on a series of strategic workshops, carefully crafting the brand’s positioning and its profound connection with diverse target audiences. We gathered in our think-tank, brewing ideas and crafting a verbal identity that packs a playful punch. We knew it had to match the vibrant personalities and diverse communities surrounding Kanal.

How do we construct a verbal identity? It is a complete process that relies on two distinct incarnations, bringing together the attributes of the tone of voice determined during the workshops with the team. The incarnation of the verbal identity is then adapted with specific rules based on the target audiences and the types of communication channels. We adjust the tone of voice for young people, artists, refugees, and other segments of our audience. Each incarnation reflects the values, personality, and essence of Kanal Collectif while adapting to different communication contexts. In this specific case, we have chosen Scottie Pippen as the main incarnation. We aim to create an authentic connection with each target group, using language and expressions that resonate best with them.

And here’s the Stoëmp twist: collaborating closely with BLURBS copywriters to align the strategy with the development and implementation of a powerful verbal identity. We aimed to create a verbal adventure like no other. We conjured up a verbal charter bursting with life and examples of copywriting magic. From captivating taglines to witty one-liners, we ensured Kanal Collectif’s voice would resonate with their target audiences. Together, we created a verbal charter, presenting not only guidelines but also captivating examples of copywriting for ongoing and future activities. Our ultimate goal was to empower Kanal Collectif, ensuring they had full control and a consistent tone of voice that resonated with their target audiences over the long term. With a cohesive verbal identity, Kanal Collectif could forge meaningful connections and amplify their impact within the community.

As the project speaks for itself, we invite you to explore the remarkable achievements and captivating journey of Kanal Collectif. The message is now set: “Step into a world where and collective and inclusive storytelling transforms the very fabric of a city.”