Website on fleek


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In 2010, UFX Studios burst onto the scene, captivating audiences internationally and leaving an indelible mark across Europe. With offices in Brussels, Paris, Flanders, and Wallonia, the renowned team of talents has become the trusted partner for producers and directors, accompanying them every step of the way on their creative journey.

As masters of visual effects, UFX Studios offers a complete suite of services to fulfill all visual needs. From budgeting, preparation, and visualization to design, on-set supervision, Lidar scanning, virtual production, real-time VFX using Unreal Engine, and mind-blowing 2D and 3D effects, we are the ultimate solution. Their recent filmography includes impressive titles like Cédric Jimenez’s “Novembre,” Florian Zeller’s “The Father,” and Mélanie Laurent’s “Le Bal des Folles.”

Double the fun: 2 proposals, 1 goal

When UFX Studios approached Stoëmp for branding assistance, we were thrilled to dive into the challenge. Their client demanded a fresh perspective on brand and positioning, a visually impactful identity, an engaging website, and a range of communication materials to make their mark. We were ready to deliver.

Our strategy began with a series of immersive workshops dedicated to identifying UFX Studios’ current positioning. We navigated through the confusion between UMEDIA’s production specialization and UFUND’s tax shelter specialization, analyzing internal and external brand perception, studying the competition, and deciphering the target audience. This thorough process paved the way for an optimal positioning that truly resonated.

What sets UFX Studios apart? It’s the perfect blend of exceptional expertise, extraordinary talents, team spirit, and the ability to translate directors’ emotions into breathtaking visuals. To symbolize this essence, we crafted a contemporary and vibrant new logo. It comes in two captivating versions: the first, a fresh and innovative take on the geometric U character, staying true to Umedia’s history while adding a modern twist. The second version is a dynamic graphic totem, capturing the commitment, versatility, and synergy of the FX teams. Drawing inspiration from the indigenous totems where people gathered to make collective decisions, this visual choice serves as a symbol of unity and cohesion within the FX community. It reflects a shared vision and collaborative spirit, encouraging teamwork and collective problem-solving. Just as the totem was a focal point for indigenous groups, this visual branding acts as a central element that brings the team together, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie. It serves as a dynamic vector, propelling FX forward in a pursuit of excellence and innovation. The choice of black and white creates a bold and creative imprint, showcasing the vivacity of our visual effects.

Website on fleek

This is also reflected on the website, that we designed accordingly to their needs: it is a testament to our digital-first approach. We crafted a comprehensive strategy, making recommendations based on careful analysis and reporting. The design is not only visually appealing but also tailored to meet their specific needs. With a custom CMS in place, UFX Studios has full control over their content and can easily manage their internal operations. It’s a website that showcases their brand and engages their audience seamlessly. The website is fully responsive and optimized for different devices, which reflects UFX Studios’ dedication to delivering a professional and user-centric experience.

It perfectly embodies professionalism through its sleek aesthetics, clean layout, intuitive navigation, and emphasis on showcasing their portfolio. The idea was also utilizing high-quality images and videos to highlight the studio’s capabilities and expertise. This visually engaging presentation not only demonstrates their professionalism but also helps prospective clients gain confidence in their services. It effectively communicates their expertise and creates a positive impression on visitors, establishing UFX Studios as a trusted and professional partner in the industry.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

With our established Stoëmp methodology, we set our plan into motion, engaging in workshops, providing recommendations, proposing ideas, refining concepts, and ultimately producing the desired materials. It was an invigorating process that took UFX Studios’ brand identity to the next level, leaving a lasting impression on all involved. We analyzed the brand perception, target audiences, and competition. We then brought our workshops to life, providing recommendations, refining concepts, and creating significant materials.

A Stoëmp, we always team up to present two (or sometimes more) distinct proposals during the creation of an identity. In this case, our client fearlessly chose the path that disrupted the comfortable norm, embracing a unique personality and differentiation. The journey of repositioning was nothing short of exciting for all parties involved, leaving us with a thrilling feeling of satisfaction.