Cross-boarding is caring

Brussels Region

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In October 2022, the Brussels-Capital Region embarked on a transformative journey to create a distinctive brand identity. Collaborating with the renowned Resonance consultancy from New York, we aimed to showcase Brussels to the world in a captivating and authentic way. By joining forces with this American agency and gain local expertise, we unlocked new possibilities and unlocked new horizons. Our objective was to establish a brand that would resonate across various sectors, captivating audiences in tourism, economic development, investment, talent acquisition, and quality of life.

Cross-boarding is caring

To achieve this goal, we partnered with Resonance, a renowned New-York consultancy specializing in place-making and place-branding on a global scale. Together, extensive research was conducted, surpassing anything done before, to gauge the perception of Brussels among European citizens and corporate executives, comparing it to other competitive cities. We sought to uncover the long-term goals and aspirations of cultural, educational, research, business, and hospitality leaders, as well as ambassadors representing Brussels.

Our quest? To ignite the imagination of global audiences and unite a diverse range of institutions under one mesmerizing brand. We therefore embarked on a thrilling three-month journey, shaping a visual strategy that would leave a lasting impression. This also meant accentuating the unique value proposition, identifying the target audience, and analyzing the competition. A comprehensive analysis that fueled our exploration of various identity proposals, spanning logo design imagery, color schemes, and beyond.

There’s U in Brussels

Placing the individual at the core, we aimed to create a vibrant and inclusive connection, inviting everyone to be part of the Brussels experience.

The resulting identity emerged as sleek, timeless, and charged with dynamism. Storytelling took center stage, weaving a compelling narrative that engaged and inspired. Through carefully curated photographs, we harnessed the power to fortify our strategic positioning and overall strategy, evoking a sense of excitement and possibility.

Perfectly imperfect

Our work on the design of Brussels Region was made to be impactful, timeless, and easily replicable by countless individuals.

One of the notable features was the careful consideration given to typography, where letters overlapped and intertwined, creating a visual playfulness. At first glance, one might question if it was a graphic error, but in fact, it was a deliberate and strategic design choice. It represented the intricate layers of the city, its rich history, and the harmonious coexistence of different cultures and languages. Furthermor, the intentional overlapping of letters served as a visual metaphor for the region’s dynamism, innovation, and progressive mindset. It symbolized the constant flow of ideas, collaborations, and interactions within the vibrant community of Brussels.

The Zinneke Spirit

Together, we wove a narrative that whispered tales of allure and invited the world to embrace the discreet magic of Brussels.

What we crafted for Brussels is a celebration of its nonconformist spirit and boundless energy. In an era where authenticity and individuality thrive, Brussels boldly defies norms and embraces diversity. It is a place where ideas ignite, driven by a rich heritage of artistic expression, pioneering innovation, and visionary thinking. As we invite visitors, investors, talented individuals, and students, we encourage them to embrace their true selves, to seize their entrepreneurial aspirations, immerse themselves in the vibrant arts scene, discover their unique communities, shape the future, and fall head over heels for Brussels’ magnetic allure.

Just like the zinneke spirit within all of us, Brussels has learned to embrace chaos and embrace its rebellious nature in order to progress.

This exhilarating challenge embodies the kind of place our audiences crave to conduct business, reside, and explore. Embark on a firsthand adventure through Brussels, feel the electrifying pulse of the city, and unlock a life of boundless possibilities. Embrace the dynamic essence of Brussels. Boom! Mission accomplished.