Founded in 2009, Stoëmp Studio is a full-service design agency elevating brand identities through a signature, strategy-based methodology. Active across all sectors, we strive for significance where others strive for visibility. Welcome to the realm of meaningful brand building. Whatever your goal or need, we develop a tailored package held to the highest standards in design that is grounded in mutual understanding and close collaboration. No go-betweens, never one-size-fits-all. Our passionate, surgical approach is intended to leave room for surprises.


Brands thrive in committed relationships. Upstream from any design and branding work, we systematically take the time to get to know our clients. Each and every conversation and insight collected allows both us as designers and our clients to see their true individuality, areas for improvement, and values. Challenging classic approaches and preconceptions is the foundation of any impactful creative work.

No more brand situationships. Real relationships take work, and Stoëmp Studio is ready to commit.

This phase of alignment is at the root of all our work, and seeing eye to eye will allow us to rip through the status quo, together.

Finding an identity is a process of elimination—it’s easier to learn what you don’t like before knowing what you do. We are there to help you and your team find what naturally fits your personality and positioning. Most inward journeys reveal that less is more, and it’s the simple things that really matter. In design, you might think something is finished when there’s nothing left to add, but we think it’s when there’s nothing left to take away.

Mindful minimalism means travelling light, letting the essential shine through.

Our commitment to radical simplicity is infused into every facet of the experiences we create with you. Brands that have undergone a transformation with our methodology are responsive and ready for reinvention while staying connected to their core values.

In the post-Internet age, our attention spans have shrunk while the amount of information and people in our networks is ever-expanding like the Universe. Every second counts, each pixel matters. How people meet and get to know your brand not only needs to be engaging and notable, it must also happen on the multiple stages of reality.

Stoëmp Studio develops seamlessly integrated user experiences, offline and online. Our expertise covers anything within the definition of digital, up to and including web site design, online retail, and social media. And with over a decade of print expertise, whether packaging, editorial projects, or full-scale ad campaigns, we are attentive to the importance of IRL marketing strategies.

Think. Test. Experiment. We continuously find ways to bring your brand into the now.

Brand strategy and identity is a never ending exchange of ideas. Led with intention, we offer continuous support that evolves naturally alongside your specific needs. Never one to take the easy route, we firmly believe that design is better done together.

Healthy brands have a character that is singular and recognisable, yet also prone to subtle transformation and adaptation.

Recognising this means our deliverables don’t just come as a zip file of logos and guidelines, we foster a dialogue with each of our clients and provide space to expand, evolve, and question. By implementing effective Analysis and Reporting techniques tailored to each project, we tweak and perfect both design and strategy in the long run according to real data from real interactions.


Off the wall

Stoëmp Studio is an agency on a human scale dedicated to creating brand identities rooted in authentic person-to-person exchange. This guiding principle means clients are in direct contact with skilled designers and studio directors from desire to design, allowing us to dedicate our time to staying ahead of the creative and tech curves, perfecting new and old techniques, and cultivating a spirit of disruption—project by project.

A measure of precision, and a dash of audacity: our prescribed dose.

Existing outside of the rules and margins imposed by overscaled corporate agencies, our structure is high-level horizontal: Stoëmp Studio is a crew of creative experts who approach design with work ethic and penchant for fun in equal measure.


A meaningful brand is nothing without the human-to-human connections behind it.

Drawing on a network of international freelancers who are experts in their field elevates our success, visually and experientially. We take conscious steps as needed throughout our collaboration to build an agile team suited to your specific needs.