Modern, Simple and Pragmatic Design
Modern, Simple and Pragmatic Design
Flow .  Visual Identity  .  Global Communication  .
Providing movement for one of Paris’ most innovative and exciting new locations. Delivering modernity to a unique project in a traditional and historic Parisian environment .
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The Flow is a beautiful barge, that dropped its anchor in the centre of Paris. It offers a high class restaurant, a bar, an auditorium, a club, a rooftop bar and a temporary beach. With its original aesthetic and unique LED mapping, it provides a contemporary touch to its historic surroundings.

The shapes of the flow, its reflective coating and its contemporary and traditional design are a nod to the glass roofs of the Grand Palais, while its range of colors echoes the bronzes and golds of Pont Alexandre III. Flow integrates itself perfectly into its environment, that is filled with art and history.

We collaborated closely with Anti VJ, one of the most renowned VJ collective, who created a LED lighting system that constantly evolves with the four yearly seasons. The foundation of our work was based on the creation of a timeless design that can easily coexist with architecture. The inspiration of the design was built on the idea of GPS coordinates, in order to incorporate movement to a place that is traditionally static. To accentuate the uniqueness of the client’s idea, a linear font was created that was based on a unique and modern twist of ancient maritime typographies.

The adaptation of multiple communication tools was also part of the project, which included the design of the stationary and restaurant menus. One of our main focuses was to deliver a strong basis, so that the client can function independently of our design services.

We work closely with AntiVj, in order to design an identity who represent entirely the concept

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