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@ the studio

It's not just about what we do as an
independent branding and design practice,
what's important is how we do it.

Over the past ten years, our client base has grown to reflect our unlimited fields of interest. Whilst our skills and knowledge are specific, the projects to which we apply them are not.

Our diverse team unfolds ideas into long-lasting, qualitative design solutions. We dive deep into each and every brief, working closely with brands to find their unique voice. This methodology allows for a durable relationship with clients, and a conversation that evolves alongside their identity.

We have worked with

Atelier Dynamo - Branding
Atrium - Day to Day
Anti VJ - Day to Day
A229 - Signage
Alpha Play - Digital
Au Marché Noir - Branding
Baloji - Digital
Baroness O. - Digital
BCTE - Digital
Bebat - Day to Day
Before - Packaging
Bruxelles les Bains - Branding
Blender01 - Digital
The Brains - Packaging
Brothers - Branding
BT Expo - Branding
Back of the House - Branding
Bea Sensors - Day to Day
BFF - Branding
Blomi - Branding
BMDC - Branding
Byrrrh - Day to Day
Camber - Branding
Château La Garde - Branding
La Cinémathque - Day to Day
Cachemerie Coton Soie - Day to Day
Cayman Group - Branding
Céline de Schepper - Day to Day
Charleroi Metropole - Branding
Classico - Branding
Danesi Caffè Belgium - Day to Day
De Jonckheere Gallery - Digital
Design Addict - Digital
Diamani Jewels - Digital
Dirk Janssens - Digital
Dock Caviar - Branding
Drash Magazine - Branding
Du F dans le Texte - Branding
3E Energey Consulting - Day to Day
European Youth Forum - Editorial
European Disabilty Forum - Editorial
Flow - Branding
Frederic Luca Landi - Digital
Fuga Libera - Editorial
G Design - Branding
Festival International de Guitare - Editorial
Ateliers Gabriel - Branding
Garçon Garçon - Digital
Hermès - Day to Day
Hivy Real Estate - Branding
Happy Paper - Digital
Hinterland - Branding
Hugo Boss - Digital
Hub Brussels - Branding
Inevitabile - Branding
Inkut Lab - Branding
JPH Architect - Digital
Jopa Gallery - Branding
Kids & Play - Branding
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Rue Locquenghien, 41 — 1000 Brussels
+32 (0)2 350 34 40